Go Stand Up Paddleboarding

Cash in on the joys of summer!

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is the hottest new water sport.

It’s a fantastic way to enjoy summer sun & fun!

Paddling is easy to learn.

Anyone from school kids to seniors can do it. No special skills or fitness level needed.  You’ll be up and happily paddling in just one easy lesson.

And it’s so much fun!

Make lasting memories of time spent talking, laughing, and discovering new things.

Explore Chesapeake nature not traffic.

We’re located on beautiful Sue Creek in Essex, convenient to all in Baltimore Metro area with easy access off Beltway exit 36.

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Perfect for your Maryland “staycation”. See wildlife and scenic shorelines.

No need to go far to feel a world apart from your daily routine.

Kids singing the “I’m bored” summer blues?

Change their tune with a day at the creek. 

Looking for exercise that doesn’t feel like work?

SUP is a full body, low-impact exercise.

No intimidating crowds, no strangers checking out your form.

Just friendly, supportive staff and certified instructors to help you have a great time.

No lines! We’re small and secluded.

Here, it’s pretty much your private outing. Perfect to enjoy being with friends and family or a Zen-like yoga practice.

Sound great? Ready to get On Board?

No wonder so many people, just like you, are eager to try SUP. But that’s why you need to be careful!

As you know, where there is a market, there will always be lots of ambitious entrepreneurs focused on turning a quick buck. Their offerings are designed to pull in clamoring throngs. Great for them, but you get long lines, classes geared toward the masses, and noisy crowds guaranteed to chase away any wildlife.

It doesn’t have to be that way! You can find that perfect little place where you do get friendly, personalized attention, certified instructors passionate about addressing your individual needs and the relaxing sightseeing adventure you’ve been dreaming of!

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